Alua Ninja

I am creative
illustrator & tattooer,
pixel ninja.

Web Development

I will help you create responsive modern website based on WordPress.

Ceramic products

You can order anything, from beautiful azul bowls to custom handmade brooches, pins. Everything made with love and without moral hangover

Logo Design

Do you need logo design, that will speak for your business itself? I can help to design logo, that you'll love


Do you need illustrated map, character design or portrait for your loved ones? I can illustrate a bright and vibrant image for you!

Custom tattoo design

If it's not possible for you to come to Prague for tattoo from me, I will be happy to make you a custom design.

Stickers Design

Do you want to use the power of street art to attract attention? With strikers your chances are higher!

Custom tattoo packages.

Right now I offer affordable tattoo design packages. If it's not possible for you to come to Prague for tattoo from me, I will be happy to make you a design. We can discuss your future design through the Skype session and make all necessary adjustments.


Simple outline based tattoo design

-2 initial sketches
-3-5 adjustments and edits
-max size 10cm
-finished outlined design



Colored tattoo

- 3 initial sketches
- 7-8 adjustments and edits
-max size up to 20cm
-finished outlined design with colors
-stencil included


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